Our patented Slide Roof Plus, that can fold and retract in the same time, can be used on every environment. Our product can be positioned to any angle up to 110° to provide desired shade and sunlight.

Our panels are specially designed to provide shade or sunlight plus it can be adjusted to block snow or rain and provide air circulation in the same time. Our panels are specially design to adjust its position to clean from inside which eliminates roof top climbing for cleaning. Slide Roof Plus, our panels are the best architectural solution for the places that.

    • Selective Wood Coatings,
    • 8W Linear LED Lighting System,
    • 3W Spot LED Lighting System,
    • Sun Sensor,
    • Aerofoil Louvres,
    • Maximum Coverage on a Single System,
    • Anodised Surface Treatment,
    • Architectural Fabrics,
    • Aluminium Windows,
    • Patio Heaters,
    • Wind Sensor,
    • Choice of Non-standard RAL Colours,
    • Guillotine Glazing System,
    • Aluminium Doors.